Chapter 26: Finishing Up

With nothing else to do, I had taken the newly cut key that Isaac had given me for the new house—he had even garnished it with an adorable Hanson keychain, which I intended on keeping—and I went to our new house.

The more time I spent in the house, the more I could see myself living there. Isaac had been right. It was perfect for us. And the more I painted over the hideous color scheme from the previous owners, the more the house felt it belonged to us and not someone else. Though I still half heartedly wondered how we would find furniture to fit in all of the rooms.

I stood on my toes and was barely able to reach a spot that I missed above the window with the pretty bluish grey paint which Isaac had chosen for his office.
In only a matter of hours, I had managed to repaint two bedrooms and was just finishing the office. I was quite proud of my progress.

“Are you considering a career in the professional dancing circuit?”

I spun around in alarm to find Isaac standing in the doorway. He was clutching Lily who was perched happily on his hip.

I felt myself blush a bright shade of red. I hadn’t realized my dancing had gotten so out of hand.

“Was she awake?” I asked. “I didn’t hear her calling over the baby monitor.” I turned on my hips and glanced at the baby monitor to be sure I had remembered to turn it on. The bright green light was on, telling me I had remembered.

“She wasn’t crying or anything. She was just sitting awake in her play pen and playing with her toys.” He smiled at her, tousling her blonde curls. “Why did you leave her downstairs in the living room? Normally you’re watching over her like a hawk.”

I blushed further. “The paint fumes… I mean, I know it’s latex paint, but I still worry about the smell, and my mother was at work, so she wasn’t around to baby sit…” I sighed. “Just me being anal.” I sighed.

Isaac grinned “That explains the fans and the open windows…” He crossed the room and brushed the fingers of his free hand across my cheek. “You’ve got paint on your face.” He teased.

I glanced down at my paint spattered clothes. “I’m probably covered in the stuff.

“You are.” He grinned. “But you look cute none-the-less.”

I blushed further.

“So how come you’re painting? I mean, I thought we we’re going to hire professional painters…”

“Well, I thought it might save us some money if I painted myself. I like painting, and I’m alright at it… I think? And I had some extra time on my hands… Besides, it really kind of relaxes me.” I smiled.

“Okay, no. I was just curious.” He smiled. “You did do a fantastic job. I only thought of getting painters in because I know how stressed you’ve been with the wedding plans and everything. I didn’t want to add to your work load or anything.” He admitted.

I nodded. “Thanks… actually, I thought I would have all of this stuff done before you got back… How come you’re home so early?” I crossed the room and placed the paint brush in the paint tray with the roller. “I mean, I thought you were in the studio all day.”

“We finished early.” He smiled. “I wanted to come and see you.”

Lily reached out and pulled at the hairs on his chin, tugging lightly at his goatee for attention.

“And of course Silly Lily too.” He grinned at her, kissing her fingers as they moved toward his mouth.

I smiled. “Speaking of finishing early… the wedding plans are finished. All that’s left are the last minute details.”

“That’s great!” He smiled. “That was actually kind of fast.”

I sighed. “Well, I actually had a lot of help… as much as they were a pain in the ass to have my mother and future mother in law in the same room and adding to my list of worries… they were actually a huge help. So was the wedding planner… even if she was a little over the top.”

Isaac grinned. “I know, I got a rather stern message from my mother this morning that I have a tux fitting tomorrow and if I’m late she’ll be there to force it on me.”

I smiled. “I’m picking up my dress tomorrow too… I don’t know where I’ll put it or anything… I doubt it will fit in my closet.”

He shrugged. “So keep it here… there are plenty of closets here…”

I raised one eyebrow at him.

He laughed softly. “I won’t peek, I swear. Besides, it won’t be worth it to see it handing on a rack. I’d rather wait to see it on you.”

I smiled, feeling my cheeks warm slightly.

“Why don’t we go out to dinner tonight and celebrate? Just the three of us.” He hitched Lily up on his hip to hold onto her better.

I smiled. “Okay, that sounds good, actually… I’m starving.”

“Good. Me too.” He grinned. “What about you, Silly Lily? Are you hungry too?”

“No!” She shouted.

Isaac laughed. “Should we leave you at home then?”

A look of horror crossed her face. “No!”

I smiled privately to myself, thankful that they got along so well. And the more I observe their behavior, the more I realized that they were absolutely adorable together.

In exactly twenty nine days; we we’re going to be a perfect little family.