Chapter 20: A Good Morning Indeed

I hadn’t meant to spend the night at Isaac’s apartment, but halfway through the first video and halfway through a bottle of wine, I found myself kissing him.

And I honestly don’t think I stopped kissing him until we both collapsed in near exhaustion in his bed.

Even then, his lips left tender traces along my neck and shoulder as I softly drifted into a hazily contented sleep.

The sound of him bustling into the shower, woke me from my sleep, but even then I couldn’t hide a smile from my lips. I hoped a part of me would never ever forget the heat and the passion I had just experienced. The images of us together that waited behind my eyelids each time I blinked put a permanent smile on my lips.

I searched for my clothes, but couldn’t seem to find them. I couldn’t quite remember where I had even taken them off… or rather had them removed.

I found my panties on the floor, and carefully pulled them on. I searched for something else to cover up with, and in the end found the crisp white dress shirt that Isaac had draped sloppily over the back of his desk chair. I pulled it on, and buttoned it loosely.

My bare shoulder hung out on the left hand side, but it was just long enough to cover my butt. It would do until I could find my clothes. In the mean time, my main priority was to phone home.

I padded into the living room in my bare feet, stopping with a smile to listen to the song Isaac was singing in the shower. I expected he was simply as giddy as I was.

With still no sign of my clothes, I made my way into the small kitchen and reached for the phone on the wall. I twirled the chord around my fingers, as I admired Isaac’s apartment. It was sleek and modern and surprisingly well kept. It was the perfect bachelor pad, and a part of me briefly wondered how many women just like me he had entertained up here.

That thought was quickly interrupted by the sound of my mother answering. I explained to her what had happened and apologized profusely for not making it home.

She was much more understanding than I had expected her to be, and offered to take Lily for the day; having planned an impromptu shopping expedition.

I agreed this would be fine, and gave my word that I would be home by dinner time at the latest before hanging up the phone.

I stood with my hands on my hips, and glanced around the apartment. Based on the song Isaac was singing in the shower, I didn’t expect him to be out of there any time soon, so I concluded that in appreciation of the wonderful night he had shown me, I thought I would cook him a healthy breakfast.

I found the ingredients in the fridge and freezer and was in the midst of cooking bacon, eggs and home fries when I heard the shower stop.

I was standing on a chair on my tip toes looking for some spices when I heard a low whistle come from behind me.

“Wow, if I knew this was waiting for me, I would have been out of there sooner.”

I turned, thinking he had meant the breakfast, but his eyes were clearly on me. I tugged at the bottom of the shirt I had on to cover my bare legs a little better, but it didn’t seem to help. He was grinning at me in an expression I immediately recognized from the night before.

I smiled, feeling a slight blush rise in my cheeks. “I couldn’t find my clothes… and I thought you might like some breakfast…” I began to explain.

He seemed to finally notice the food cooking on the stove, “Oh, that’s great. You didn’t have to do that…” He began, but his eyes quickly returned to me. “What can I help you find?” He held out a hand to help me from the chair, but his hand softly brushed my thigh just a moment longer than necessary.

“I found it already.” I replied, clutching the spice jar carefully in my hand.

“Oh, good.” His eyes wandered over me again, but his hand was still out to help me down. The hand that wasn’t clutched tightly in mine found my waist and helped me from the chair, but I watched his expression to see if the desired effect was there. His hand on my waist caused the shirt to bunch higher and showed even more skin than he was already seeing.

I didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that his thoughts were traveling back to the steamy night before.

“I hope you’re hungry.” I mused, pretending I hadn’t noticed his eyes darkening and flickering over my thighs.

“A little.” He replied, but immediately continued, pushing the chair back to its place at the table and perching on it. “I hope I didn’t wake you with the shower… you looked so peaceful lying wrapped in my sheets…. Naked…” He trailed off, and I could hear the distraction in his voice.

“No, you didn’t wake me. I couldn’t sleep all day… though I guess I was pretty tired.” I decided to play up this distraction and stood on my toes reaching high over my head for two coffee cups.

He stifled a moan behind me, and I smiled softly with my back to him.

He was suddenly behind me, with his hands circling my body and pulling me back against him. His arousal was already thick in his voice. “You’re making it harder and harder to control myself around you, you know that?” His hand moved to my stomach and slowly downward as his nose found the narrow nook behind my earlobe.

I giggled playfully and pushed away from him a little, before his urgent hands made it impossible to do so. I found myself backed into the corner of the kitchen cabinets unable to escape.

He smiled crookedly. “Not exactly what I meant by that term, but it might work.” He advanced toward me again, and my eyes fluttered closed. His lips move to my bare shoulder as his hands moved along my thighs.

I whimpered softly beneath his touch. The intoxicating effect of him was already taking over.

His hands gripped my thighs with a sudden roughness which nearly made me cry out, but instead he lifted me onto the counter and moved between my parted thighs, his lips finding mine.

A part of me wished he would take me roughly, then and there. But instead I said the only words that came to mind. “Breakfast will burn.”

He left me long enough to immediately switch off the burners, ceasing the formation of breakfast immediately.

“It’s too late now,” He grinned wickedly. “We’ve got a couple of hours before our plans… I’m going to make last night seem like a romp in the park.”